Your Questions About Looking For Jobs That Are Hiring

Michael asks…

Why do pet supply stores do this, when hiring or looking for job applicants?

Why do pet supply stores (including Petsmart stores), refuse to interview and hire a qualified job applicant that has knowledge in animals?

I have been in 4H when I was a kid, and I know a lot of things relating to pets. I have been with animals all my life. I have been refused an interview, when I qualified for the job. I have what it takes to work for a pet supply store, but none of them will even interview me.

Robin West answers:

If you really want the job (or the interview for that matter), you need to be more persistent. Did you call them every single week to see when they’ll have time to interview you? How does your application look? Perhaps start with that. If you simply put on there that you grew up with animals, that is not enough–you need to beef it up. Why don’t you go in there on monday (dressed nicely as if it were an actual interview) and ask to speak to a manager. Let him/her know that you’re interested and tell them a little about yourself. Don’t go off about how you grew up with pets. Instead, walk in there and tell them that you love animals, yet lack the experience, but you’re a fast learner who is willing to learn. Then throw out a closing question. Something like, “when can i come in for an official interview, i’d really like to work here. What’s better for you, mornings or afternoons?”

Ruth asks…

Any jobs Hiring In Manhattan Or Brooklyn?

Im currently 17 and im going to be 18 in 4 months. Im willing to look for a job and keep it. Yeah i know its hard to get a job now a days but there is hope. Its not like no one is hiring in this world. Anyone know any jobs in Manhattan or Brooklyn maybe Soho that is hiring? Im looking for stores like Old navy,Children Place,American Eagle. I want to do logistics like packing and greeting. You know..but um thanx to anyone and everyone who helped. Gnight.

Robin West answers:

Here i s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look. Http://

William asks…

What are employers that are hiring for warehouse jobs looking for?

First i’m a girl, I think that may matter when applying for a warehouse job. I have no experience, I have a degree in psychology and for the last 3 years i have done real estate. So what do I need to say to tweek my resume so that I will at least be considered for a job where part of responsibilities will be working in the warehouse picking orders, loading and unloading.

I want this job but I don’t want to say, I have no qualifications for your job, you didnt ask for any so hire me.

Robin West answers:

Most warehouses need people who can lift anywhere from 25 pounds to 75 pounds, unassisted and all day long. A lot of warehouses are not air conditioned as well, so they want the people who work for them to not mind working in very hot or very cold climates. Sometimes they’ll want 1 to 2 years, or even more, experience in a warehouse environment. If you can find something entry level in a warehouse, that may be better. They still may consider because of your education. Good luck to you. I have an interview tomorrow in a parts warehouse. I hope it goes well.

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