Your Questions About Local Job Listings

Jenny asks…

Does this job sound too difficult for me?

If you do not have any experience working in an office, but have a great customer service background?

“Assists customers by providing information concerning available leisure activities, selling tickets, making reservations and arranging for special accommodations required for tours, sporting events, theaters and special events. Provides full assistance to individuals planning travel itineraries not requiring commercial transportation, including hotel reservations and other local service or information. Maintains brochures, price listings and related information for customer use. Receives payment, issues receipts and documents business transactions. Performs related administrative support duties”
I think it sounds like alot of fun and i’d love to try it, but want to save myself the embarrasement by applying if it’s gonna be too hard.

Thanks for any answers. Also, Anyone have any ideas what to put on the overview to underline my customer service?

Robin West answers:

If you have great customer service already, then you should not have a problem with this job.

Good Luck!

John asks…

Where can owner/op find local trucking jobs in Michigan? OTR is a little too much-Short runs ok. Any ideas?

all listings want you to be out for a week or more-anyone know where to apply to get home evenings 1-2 days during the week as well as weekends? Overtime is not a problem.

Robin West answers:

Often there are postings for jobs at the truck stops – all the load boards have job opportunities and there is always companies like Roadway / Yellow / Old Dominion – your phone book would also have listings under cartage companies / those are local routes only as well as if you are near a major airport – freight agents need drivers for pick up and delivery

Sharon asks…

How to go about getting a job at a vets office or pet resort?

First things first volunteer work is not an option….I’m trying to get a job that will later develop into a career, plus we need the extra income.

I want to work at a vets office or pet resort. I want to be around animals. I never see anything in the local listings for any of them. Should I just go up there, ask if they are hiring and give them my resume. I mean its not like with a fast food job where you go in and pick up an app and turn it in…

I eventually want to be a vet tech but I only have a high school degree so I know that won’t happen right now. But there are other jobs I can do there right?

I want to work with animals but I’m having a hard time getting in anywhere. And no I don’t want to work retail.

What is your advice?

Robin West answers:

A lot of people start as kennel help [cleaning cages, maybe washing some dogs, walking some boarders]. Stop in anywhere to see if they’ll hire you for that. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s a start. Some employers will let you work up the ranks to other jobs – and maybe even help you with tech. School at a later date. Good luck!

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