Your Questions About Jobs In Long Beach

Ken asks…

longshoreman jobs in long beach….?

I heard they make amazing money….
Where do I apply?
How much do they make?
What kind of hours etc do they have?
And what do they do?
I’m 21…tired of being broke
I live about half hour away from long beach

Robin West answers:

Almost all Jobs in the ports of L.A. And Long Beach are unionized….You need to go to the union for the type of job you want…There are a ton of unions…I believe the 2 ports are amoung the largest single employers in metro L.A……

Ruth asks…

Where should I live around long beach?


My husband has new job in Long beach and I work in San Dimas. We are planning to find a place in-between/around either of this places. We are ready to drive 30-40 miles. We would be renting apartment. Any suggestions?

Robin West answers:

Long Beach has some great neighborhoods to live in. The good areas are in the south and south/west portions of the city. These include(naples, park estates, belmont shore/heights, los altos. Other cities you should consider are neighborhing los alamitos and cypress( orange county). Both very safe

Betty asks…

Where can a 14 year old boy get a job in Long Beach california?

Im 14 years old in Long Beach California and i need some money to buy some new turntables, But i have no idea where to find a job for my age.

Robin West answers:

Most places will not hire you at your age. Try yard work, tutoring, sell aluminum cans. A lot of people like to have their car hand washed and will pay good for it.

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