Your Questions About Jobs For Teenagers

Susan asks…

I’m studying sociology in college but what kind of jobs involve teenagers and children?

I really want to have a career in helping teenagers and children but I’m not sure what SPECIFIC jobs there are for that. should i just keep going for my sociology degree or should i go for something more specific that involve children? i honestly don’t know how to get to where I want to be in the future.

I would like to work in a childrens home, somewhere along those lines. what is your opinion on what I should major in to get there?

Robin West answers:

A degree in sociology will qualify you for work in:

Youth probation and parole
Youth intervention
Child guidance
Social worker
Youth leadership training

A master’s degree in sociology with a specialization in family and child counseling will qualify you for:

Child and family counseling
Marriage counseling
Management of Child Guidance programs
Program manager for intervention strategies
Supervisor of Youth probation and parole
Social Welfare Supervisor

And either degree can be useful for many other kinds of jobs that involve working with people.

Mark asks…

What are some high paying jobs for teenagers?

I’m seventeen years old, but I’ll be eighteen in July.

Anyway, I’m looking into getting my first job and would just like some tips on high paying jobs for teens OR businesses and companies that employ teens and pay well.


P.S. I’m from Wisconsin.

Robin West answers:

When I was a young man, one of the best jobs I got that was a lot of fun and I made huge tips was being a Golf Caddie. Go over to your local Exclusive Private Membership Golf Club and see if they will be hiring caddies in the spring. In the winter I used to work for the Ski Resorts. You will have to run a lot being a caddie, but the tips were huge. I always got to play golf and ski for free as well. Plenty of girls too.

Nancy asks…

What would be good paying summer jobs for teenagers at age 16?

i have to pay car insurance starting this fall, so i need some cash to pay the semi-annual fee. Can anyone think of some awesome jobs I can work as a 16 year old?

Robin West answers:

In this tight job market anything you can get. You can’t be choosy when you are competing with college graduates to work in a fast food joint

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