Your Questions About Job Search Los Angeles

Steven asks…

Does anyone know good websites to search for jobs in The Los Angeles Area?

I am currently looking for a job in data entry,receptionist or working in a library around the LA area. can you please give me good websites to search for Jobs. all answers would be appreciated. thanks

Robin West answers:

All of the above answers and maybe even try craigslist ( )it really depends on what type of job you are looking for..there are sites for military jobs..what about the local classified in Las Angeles like i hope this helps..when i lived in San Francisco i found a job via crigslist.

Lisa asks…

What are some creative job search strategies to get hired?

I am an ex military member with an AS in Business Administration, no criminal background, no drug use, reliable transportation, and good work ethics. It seems like I have applied everywhere but can not get a job. Does anyone know of anyone hiring in the Los Angeles area? Thank you in advance.

Robin West answers:

With AS in Business Administration that should narrow down your job search.

Helen asks…

Is $7,000 enough money to MOVE to LOS ANGELES without a job??

I have $7,000 saved up to move to Los Angeles. I am about to graduate from Michigan State University with a degree in Communication and a minor in Human Resources. So I will be searching for a job in one of those career fields. I will have a roommate and I will be paying 650 for rent per month. I understand that LA has a high cost of living. But will $7,000 hold me long enough for me to find a decent job in LA if I only spend it on essential needs such as bills, rent, food, gas and utilities. And No I don’t have a car payment. My car is fully paid for. What do you guys think? Do I have enough money saved up? Oh and my mom is paying for my relocation expenses…. so dont include any of that in the 7k I have saved up.. PLEASE HELP. I WANT YOUR ADVICE…

Robin West answers:

Basically, you have enough funds to see you through six or seven months (in reality, four or five months is more like it) if you don’t overspend or have any emergencies (medical or otherwise). Stick to a budget and just use it for essentials (that’s gonna be hard to do).
So, it all comes down to how long it takes you to get a job and, more importantly, to get your first paycheck.

Your car may be paid for but, don’t forget the mandatory Car Insurance you’ll be required to have (I don’t know the deal in Michigan)…plus your auto-registration and tags.

I hope you’ve found some places you might like to be employed in L. A. And have sent out your Resume’ and Letter of Introduction in advance so you can follow up as soon as you get there?
Otherwise, you might have a long row to hoe.

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