Your Questions About Job Monster Boston

Robert asks…

Moving to Boston, apartment/job information?

I would love it if someone from the Boston area would give me some pointers as to how to find good apartments and jobs other than from what is listed on Craigslist or Monster. Craigslist and Monster have generic listings that most likely everyone has applied for. I would appreciate it if anyone who lives there could give me some tips and/or experiences that may help me in my search! I am moving in about a month and need all the help I can get.

Robin West answers:

Quincy is a great city to live/reside. When you live in Massachusetts, there are two transportation: your own vehicle or the MBTA. I would suggest you buy a Charlie Card and then you would be able to commute around Boston. Some good cities to live are:Quincy(my favorite), Braintree, and Newton. All those cities provide cheap rent.

Susan asks…

Where can I find a job in Boston,MA for 14 year olds that are hiring now?

I’m 14 and desperately need a job. Something small like a part time job because I still have to go to school. I can and will do anything that will get me some money, but I mainly wish to work in retail. Some convenient store is good, or working with paperwork. I volunteered working with paperwork and office matters before. Does anyone know anything about any job available for 14 year olds? Here is Boston, MA it’s legal to work at 14 so please help. Or if you can suggest a job search engine which can find jobs fitting my criteria I would appreciate it much. Please not Snagajob or Monster they don’t help.

Robin West answers:

I didn’t know it was legal to work in Boston when you were 14. BUT……go down to one of the papers..Globe..and talk to someone about a part-time job after school or weekends……you may be a ” go for” getting coffee, running errands. Tell them you are desperate for a job and they may have pity on you.

Sharon asks…

Can someeone help me get a great midlevel financial job in Charlotte and offer relocation advice too?

8 year experienced 7 and 63 rep looking to get out of sales experience, coming from Boston, monster and other sites are just not that helpful to me

Robin West answers:

I have some headhunter contacts in financial services — just e-mail me and I will send them on to you.

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