Your Questions About Job Hunting Expenses

Ruth asks…

Can I claim certification classes I took in fields unrelated to my profession?

1- Being unemployed I have taken certification classes in unrelated fields , can I deduct
the tuition and related transportation expenses ?
2- I have earned some minor income from those unrelated fields ( under $200)
Do I report it , if so where?
3- Travel expenses looking for work in my field ?
4- Can I deduct web site advertisement for services in my field of business ?
5- Can I deduct computer and printer as job hunting expenses ?

Robin West answers:

The self employed income will be reported on Sch C and since your ‘net’ will definitely fall below the $400 limit there will be no se tax
expenses of job searching include travel, advertising etc but the purchase of computer and printer would not be included
and ordinarily expenses of education are accepted for improving your current skills in a current job, training for another job certification would not

Nancy asks…

Which is a better tax deduction?

I attended bartending school after I was laid off. I spent $800 on the 5 week classes.
Is this a job hunting expense or a school expense? Does it qualify as both and if it does which would be better to file on my taxes? I have made less than $12,000 this year.

Robin West answers:

Not likely to be helpful unless you itemize deductions. If your total itemized deductions is less than about $5800 (the standard deduction), it doesn’t help at all.

Jenny asks…

I’ve lost most of my receipts in a recent move.?

Will a tax accountant still itemize my taxes for me w/o them. I have moving, health and job hunting expenses.

Robin West answers:

If you have paid them through internet banking or through your local bank, then its easy to get receipes. Just ask the bank or go onto the internet bank, and just print out your banking sheets for the whole year. Then you have proof. Hope that helps!

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