Your Questions About Fish For Jobs

James asks…

How to get fish packing jobs in canada also about theVISA processing. Could any one help me out???

How to get fish packing jobs or any other unskilled jobs and where can find it, since im right now from India, also need the contact addresses and their contact numbers inorder to call them for jobs, and pls don forget to help me about theVISA processing

Robin West answers:

British Colombia is screening applicants from other countries for employment right now. It would seem that they could answer all your questions.

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know where to find an Ecology, Forest Ecology, GIS, or Fish Biology jobs in the Seattle area?


I am looking for an Ecology, GIS, Forestry Ecology, or Fish Biology position in the Seattle, WA area & wondered if anyone knew of any resources I could use to find such a position?

Thanks for your help!

Robin West answers:

Sometimes the best option for biologists is to check with the State website. Other resources would be, universities (many of them will have a site with job listings), or a search engine which you can use to search for research companies that are looking for outdoor researchers.

George asks…

I need a job direct with employers. Are jobs in fish packing in the USA and Canada there?

I need sponsorship from employer for airline ticket from Zambia and accomodation. My should arrange for my VISA and Work permit.

Robin West answers:

Visit the embassy.

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