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Linda asks…

weired boat dream?

here it is as best as i can remember it;

a friend and me signed up for a fishing trip and departed down a wide and deep river, it was a cold overcast day and the waters wernt rough but they wernt smooth either, the water was also clear and blue and i saw schools of small to medium fish swimming beside the boat, but here is the weird part about it – the boat was made of wicker, it was a weaved wicker boat! it had no deck it was just a hull with a bridge, and the only thing keeping it afloat was the buoyancy of the wicker, we spent the trip treding water and hauling in loads of yabbies (crawdads – cray fish) then the captian decided to head out to sea to do some fishing out there, i remember thinking somthing like “this boat is not going to survive out there” and sure enough it sank in the harbour, it ended up getting towed and refloated (i think) but my friend and me ended up getting jobs with a very professinal fishing crew and ship.


Robin West answers:

Are you familiar with the story of Moses in the Bible? He was targeted for death, but his mom built a little boat of reeds (like wicker) and set him afloat in the river, among the tall reeds, to hide him from the soldiers. Fortunately for him, his mom smeared pitch or tar on his boat, so it was pretty water proof, but still, it was only a temporary solution.

The reason he was a target is because he was a Hebrew slave in Egypt, and Pharaoh feared the Hebrew nation was growing numerous and strong, so he decided to have all baby boys killed at birth. Somehow, Mo’s mom managed to hide him and avoid his immediate death, for awhile, but he was getting bigger (and louder) , and she had no idea what to do. So, she prayed, and God gave her this RIDICULOUS answer. “Put your baby in a basket boat and set him afloat.” Huh? Crazy, right?

BUT… The strangest (and scariest) thing happened. While Moses was floating, Pharoah’s daughter came to the river to bathe. She found the baby, which freaked out Moses’ older sister who was watching him from behind the tall grass. She ran home to tell her Mom. Meanwhile, the princess was cuddling the baby, cooing, and all that cute stuff, and decided she absolutely MUST take him home and keep him as her own. Moses’ Mom showed up and offered to be his hired Nanny (even equipped to breastfeed him! How convenient!)

So, Moses’ little basket boat, a temporary solution at best, turned out to float him right into the palace where he grew up to be a Prince of Egypt, and eventually set the Hebrew people free from slavery and even be the one God’s handed the 10 Commandments on tablets of stone.

What has this to do with you? You have a small, poorly funded, poorly equipped business. But like Moses, there is more to it (and you) than most would suspect. Moses was a future Prince and Prophet of God and deliverer of his people. You, apparently have something to offer as well. (I suspected as much and looked back and saw your previous post about your internet business. So, when I saw I was right, I said, “Cool!” So here it is!

Your business is your boat. It might seem like it’s sinking, but it seems to me you are headed for bigger, better things. Is someone going to buy you out and let your run the show? (Like Moses’ Mom, who got to raise Moses for several years before he went to live in the palace and change history forever?).

Pray for wisdom. Seek God, not in the stars, but for Himself. Your future is not preprogrammed, one size fits all based on your birthdate, but He does have a plan for you. God bless you.

Robert asks…

How come we never see these stories in the liberal media? You really think the media is not liberal biased?

ABOARD USS RAVEN, At Sea – U.S. Navy mine hunter USS Raven (MHC 61) provided emergency medical assistance to an Iranian-flagged fishing dhow that requested assistance for an injured crew member.

While conducting Maritime Security Operations (MSO) in the Arabian Gulf, Sept. 13, the dhow altered its course and headed toward Raven’s vicinity.

Raven crew members noticed the dhow’s crew was topside frantically trying to signal the ship. A Raven crew member reported that a fisherman was waving a T-shirt and another was cradling an unconscious man in his arms.

“To see the dhow alter its course in order to try and intercept our ship made me a little apprehensive,” said Lt. Cmdr. Todd Braynard, Raven’s commanding officer. “But once I got to the bridge and saw them waving and carrying the injured crewman up from below decks, I realized they really needed our assistance.”

Raven dispatched a boarding team that included Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Amanda Powell, the ships’ independent duty corpsman (IDC). They arrived at the dhow via Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) and were led aboard by the boarding officer, Ensign Andrew Serfass.

Although she was unsure what to expect aboard the vessel, Powell said she felt an urgency to help. “I was fairly apprehensive about boarding the Iranian vessel,” she said. “But the need to help far outweighed the apprehension I felt.”

Once aboard, Powell diagnosed the unconscious fisherman with a severe case of dehydration and reported that his kidneys were possibly to the point of failure.

The corpsman quickly administered an IV of saline. Shortly there after, the fisherman regained consciousness and eventually sat up and drank water on his own.

“Bottom line, my independent duty corpsman saved the crewman’s life,” said Braynard. “A few more hours and his kidneys would have shut down.”

While aboard, the IDC also noticed that several of the crew members were suffering from various maladies including abrasions on their arms and legs and another complained of a headache. The corpsman applied iodine to the wounds and wrapped them with bandages. She also provided aspirin to help with the headache.

“Once the crew saw that I was there to help, they were very receptive to my aid,” said Powell.

The IDC also noticed that the dhow’s other eight crew members were in various stages of dehydration. Additionally, the boarding officer reported that the dhow was critically low in potable water, and the ship’s master stated that the vessel was still several days away from port.

To assist, Raven transferred 200 gallons of potable water to the dhow’s tanks and provided 10 cases of bottled water. The crew members were very cooperative and extremely appreciative of the assistance. The dhow’s master even offered the boarding officer two large mackerel as a gift for the much-needed help.

“You never grow tired of doing this part of the job; helping people who really need it,” said Braynard. “Helping people who need it, regardless of nationality or political differences, it makes our crew feel good about the job they did today.”

Powell agrees with that sentiment. “It makes me feel very good to help someone and even possibly save their life,” she said. “This is what I’m trained for and it feels good to be able to use that training to help others.”

Raven, an Osprey-class coastal mine hunter, is forward deployed to Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain and conducts MSO as part of Commander, Task Force (CTF) 55.

MSO help set the conditions for security and stability in the maritime environment, as well as complement the counter-terrorism and security efforts of regional nations. These operations deny international terrorists use of the maritime environment as a venue for attack or to transport personnel, weapons or other material.
OK this story wasn’t even on conservative FOX News. I got it through a well respected milblogger who got it direct from NAVCENT.
To my knowledge this hasn’t yet been run by Any media.
FURTHER UPDATE FOR THOSE SAYING “NOT NEWSWORTHY”: Under ordinary circumstances Yes I see what you are saying. Prior to Desert Storm and between Desert Storm and The 2003 invasion. yes. this is just routine, Sailors doing their jobs and all that. But with all the ANTI MILITARY and ANTI ADMINISTRATION reports going on, with all the media refering to our Marines and murderer and America as the real terrorists. and we are there as occcucpiers. etc.. it is THESE stories that are the counterpoint. the truth to their lies. yet they aren’t “newsworthy”?!?! of course they arent newsworthy, how dare they actually show our men and women actually doing something GOOD instead of trying ALL of them in the court of public opinion on things like Haditha and Abu Grhaib.

Robin West answers:

What a great story! Thank you for sharing that – the drive by media have their own agenda – and they love to villify our troops and Commander-in-Chief. So you have to find alternative sources to the mainstream media – the internet, talk radio, Fox News, Blogs, etc.

Steven asks…

how can i sponsor a poor family?

i just recently got a job for myself cleaning boat hulls in the water.. i get100 bucks per boat and there are SO many customers looking for this kind of service – so along with saving some for myself and some for my own family i would like to sponsor a poor family.

you know the saying:
“give a man a fish and he eats for a day but teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime”?
I want to be able to give a mum or dad an education or some kind of means to get a job so they can eventually support themselves and their own family.. are there any sponsor programs that do this?
I know about world vision and stuff but i don’t know if this is how they are set up.. how does normal sponsorship work?


Robin West answers:

Hey, who could begrudge you for helping somebody out? Yeah, I’m aware of the “give a man a fish” theory, and it’s true, but sometimes people need money to buy the fishing pole & bait.

Here in the U.S., (I’m assuming you don’t live here by the word “mum”) there are more charitable organizations than one knows what to do with. Here are a few: Toys for Tots, The Salvation Army, The Red Cross. I don’t know if they participate in your country? If not, you might want to consider donating to a local women’s shelter or an orphanage.

A word of caution though: my step sisters donated $100.00 to a family in need that I think was sponsered through their church. The mother of that family stated that her three kids needed winter coats. So my step sisters went to a local department store and purchased a $100.00 gift certificate for the family (not knowing them personally, what their tastes were and what sizes to get). After the mother received it, she called and complained that she wanted Starter jackets (a sports brand here in the U.S. That probably cost around $100.00 each) and that the particular store that my step sisters purchased the gift certificate from didn’t carry that brand. Needless to say, some people will either take advantage or won’t appreciate the gift. But that’s the U.S. For ya…(not implying that EVERYBODY would do that but…)

Anyway, you seem like a kind & generous person. And I’m sure you’ll find the right cause, just keep looking around and keep your imagination open.

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