Your Questions About Civil Engineering Jobs In Texas

Daniel asks…

Which is better for engineering (civil or mechanical)? Texas A&M or UT Austin?

both of these colleges are the main campuses that im talking about. which one is better?
i already signed with Texas A&M and all that but…its just lingering in the back of my head. Is UT Austin better for engineering? or Same?
Like when i go job hunting, which one looks better? or are they the same basically?

Robin West answers:

Both are very well ranked in engineering. But UTA is actually a top ten engineering school. That’s a big freekin’ deal. They’re up there with Cornell, Purdue, Carnegie Mellon, places at that level. Again, to be honest, they’re kind of “wow” in engineering. They’re elite.

UTA ranks top 10 overall in engineering, top 10 in mechanical, and top FIVE in civil.

And that gives you the answer to your other question, btw. You got an 800 on the math section of the SAT, it’s probable that your grades in your engineering-related courses are higher than your overall GPA, and for an engineering program, those are key factors re: admissions, and carry more weight than things like overall class rank.

I don’t think your friends really understand what’s happened here. I know that they’re amazed that you got into UTA as a uni. I doubt they even understand the reputation of that school in engineering. Congratulations. Good for you.

You accepted A&M. Maybe do another campus visit to both schools, and meet with someone in the engineering dept. Sit in on a first year course. See how you feel about each place.

If you end up feeling about equal about both schools, and if A&M offered you more money, talk to someone in financial aid at UTA. They may not be able to match the A&M offer, but they may be able to bump up your package a bit.

Sandy asks…

Which is better for civil engineering or engineering in general? Texas A&M or Purdue?

Please elaborate, which one has better reputation for companies or job recruiters?


Robin West answers:

They are both equally good, the one that is right for you is the one that fits your personality and goals and will provide the right environment for you to flourish in. You will do the best in a place that you are happy at than one that doesn’t fit your personality. If you are happy, you will do well and learn more and employers will notice your enthusiasm about your major and that will help you gain a job.

Both Texas A&M and Purdue have the same quality civil engineering program and both are highly respected. School reputation will only get you so far, you have to be enthusiastic about your major, you have to be proficient in all the subject areas of your major and you have to network, network and network. These things will get you farther with finding a job after graduate than mere reputation of the school unless you are talking about an Ivy League.

Laura asks…

Would Virginia or North Carolina be good states to move to?

I want to move to a state where the winters are warmer than in Chicago. I’m also thnking about Arizona, Texas, and Florida, but I’m thinking that they are too hot in the summer. Also, I want to look for engineering jobs (specifically civil engineering) in the future. I’d also like to move to a good-sized city that is near the ocean.
Which state out of VA and NC would you recommend?
Oh yeah, this is a good question: Which states have the most jobs for engineers?

Robin West answers:

I have lived either in va or nc all my life. Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of NC is good for engineering and you are inland, but still you’re not really far from the ocean and those are good-sized cities that kind of have a suburban layout. I’d say the Triangle is a good bet for you. Hampton Rhodes in Va is also a good bet, and you’d be very close to the ocean if you go there.

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