Your Questions About Civil Engineering Jobs Entry Level

Mary asks…

How to get a entry level civil engineering job?

I’m a recent graduate with a B.S in civil engineering (focus in structures) and I can’t for the life of me find a position that is hiring a new grad student with less then 1 year of experience, I tried USA jobs, USACE, and basically every job search engine I can find, I tried calling and just asking if firms are hiring any new graduates with little experince, I had an internship but that doesn’t seem to be enough, I either get “check our website” or “we are looking for people with at least 1-4 years of experience, can someone please help me on what to do!
Would joining ASCE help, I was in it as a student but now I have to pay to get back in

Robin West answers:

I have a friend who is a job recruiter for Civil Engineers only. She is based in Boston area. Tell her ‘Mo’ asked you to send her an email. If I were you, I would stay in contact with her. She is very good in replying to your emails and staying in touch.

Here is her email ->

fromStephanie Laughton

Mo, just checking if you were getting any other entry/student engineers…

Thanks, Steph

Stephanie Laughton
Territory Manager New England
1-800- 737-8182 ex.322
(480) 820-8663 ex.322
cell: (716) 289-8972
Civil Search International, LLC
324 South Bracken, Suite #2

Chandler,Arizona 85224

Lisa asks…

What GS pay scale number is appropriate for a entry level civil engineer?

i graduated in May and am having trouble finding out which jobs to apply to. I think I should be GS 5 but most of the jobs are GS 8/9/10/11. Also GS 5 is around 30k/yr where as entry level in private is roughly 45k-50k/ yr. If someone can send me some links or explain this to me I would greatly appreciate it.

Robin West answers:

First of all, WTF, pat? Have you ever heard of the department of interior, CIA, Army Corps of Engineering, FHWA, Department of Transportation or FAA? And even if employment/government isn’t the correct place to post this question who capitalizes fifteen friggin’ whys? A level 7 yahoo answers loser thats who, fuc# off you donkey.

To answer your question I believe it is GS 5 but I also think that it would be possible to start at GS 7 or GS 9 with academic superiority or experience.

Nancy asks…

How do I get an entry level engineering job in Australia?

I graduated in May with a BS in Civil Engineering and am presently working as an English teacher in Thailand. I’d like to begin my career in engineering but there are almost no jobs in America for entry level engineers. I hear the engineering job market is great in Australia but is it only for experienced engineers and how do I crack into it with visa restrictions and the like?

Robin West answers:

You cant. Given you did not complete your degree in Australia you are not eligible for the visa for entry level positions (Graduate visa). The only visa you are eligible for are the skilled visas which require you to have experience in this area (2 years in the last couple of years) – that is assuming your subspeciality of engineering is on the skills list. Once you have the visa (will take more than 2 years from the time of application and several thousand $$) – you are only then able to start applying for jobs.

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