What Does Keep Us On Work Till Late?

Sometimes it seems that all life passes in office walls: you leave about midnight, a short dream – and you again on work as if you did not leave anywhere. The life around boils, weather varies, there comes spring, and the summer then comes to an end. All it is clearly visible to you in a window of native office, but at it, however, you are not detained for a long time. Do you have the same situation?

It seems, it has become a habit. Once you were stayed on work on some hours more, then the situation has started to repeat with an enviable regularity. To you say that you are an irreplaceable worker, but these fine words, apparently, only helps to paste you stronger to office armchair.

The irregular working hours should be registered in the labor contract. Under the law to involve the employee in overtime work it is possible with the corresponding order with appointment of payment for additional working hours. And first two business hours are paid not less than in the one-and-a-half size, and all the subsequent – in double. But even in this case it is impossible to work without interruption, and the Labor code supposes no more than 120 hours of overtime work.

It is not necessary to say that the letter of the law at times makes not the strongest impression upon the heads. What is to do in this case? It is possible to change a job, it is possible to complain in the State inspection on work, and it is possible to try to find common language with the chief and it is possible even more often, than it seems at first sight.

In advertising agency in which I worked, there was very interesting operating schedule. We received certain “project”, and henceforth only about it there were all conversations – in the nearest cafe, near office, in blogs of employees. All spoke about the project, slowly looking through Internet pages. The main copywriter, imitating the American gurus of the advertising world, put feet on a table and from apart supervised working process.

And then came dead-line, and all employees two days did not leave office walls. In haste made breadboard models, wrote slogans and painted posters. Work boiled, ideas were either ingenious or not very good, but practically each of participants of events had original satisfaction from this mad creative kitchen. We called home and suffered from lack of sleep and when, at last, came back fell asleep in clothes directly in a hall – it was a difficult project, but we managed to finish it!

Actually behind all this act of nature hided the banal disorganization. As a rule, on work till late sit up people who have responsibilities not just to “overstay” the fixed hours, and to issue concrete result following the results of day. In overwhelming majority of cases before you it is not necessary any global problems, and to cope with them it is possible in the fixed eight hours.

But you waste time on regular check of mail, on wanderings on the Internet, for discussions with colleagues of the latest news, a rearrangement of pieces of paper from place to place and other “creativity torments”. If you have to overwork regularly, at least time calculate, how much time you spend time for productive work for the average working day. Write down everything what you do during the day, and then look that it is possible to exclude from this list without serious consequences.

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