The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is just about the most crucial item in the wedding ceremony except the vows and the rings. The bride wants to look her best and the groom wants to look his best too. A beautiful wedding dress will help the bride’s aspiration to look dazzling come true.

Therefore, it is imperative to select the wedding dress with care, as every bride knows. However, there are a few items that are not as obvious as the wedding dress just looking stunning and we will list the most important of these below.

Besides personal taste in fashion, the most important consideration has to be the time of the year. Which season are you going to marry in? What temperature is it likely to be? Could it rain? If it is likely to be cold, you ought to wear a heavier cloth than if it is likely to be hot. You might also permit the season to have an impact on the colours you wear, but that is a matter of personal taste. For example, winter colours might be slightly darker than summer colours.

Another vital aspect when choosing the colour of the wedding dress is the skin colouration of the bride. This matter is also true of the accessories. The bride will also need a head-dress, a veil, gloves and a bouquet, all of which should compliment the wedding dress and the bride’s hair and skin colouration.

Try to get a wedding dress that fits perfectly. This sounds obvious, but it is easy to think that you can make minor alterations yourself later on. However, making changes is not as easy as it sounds and you could end up making matters worse rather than better. In any case, you do not want to be worrying that a stitch you made will break or come undone at the wrong moment. It is far more important to get a good fitting wedding dress than to get the precise colour that you want.

It is important to bear in mind the quality of the picture of the wedding dress, if you are buying or hiring from a catalogue or website. You also should leave plenty of time to be able to return the dress if you have to. The fact is that photographs are not always true to life and packers do make mistakes, so if your choice is not what you expected, when it arrives, you will need to have a couple of weeks to return it and receive a new one. Allow at least three weeks for the exchange; longer if you can.

White has always been the most popular colour for first time brides, but it is not a rule. Off-white or pastel shades look very good too and they will set you aside from the norm. Apple white or blush pink are very effective colours for a wedding dress, but as I said before, everything should be colour co-ordinated with the colour of the bride’s skin and hair and the bouquet, if you are dead set on carrying a certain bouquet of flowers, like, say, gardenias.

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