The Razor A Scooter And Its Advantages

The Razor A scooter is a great idea for everyone wanting to keep fit. These days loads of individuals are desk-bound and we all seem to have a smaller amount time for just going out for a stroll, which is the age-old answer for putting on a few pounds. The Razor A scooter can assist you here.

How frequently have you thought, ‘I haven’t got time to walk’ or ‘I can’t be bothered to walk’ and then have hopped in the automobile instead? But what if you had a Razor A scooter to hand? You could just scooter down to the shop or the park. You could take the dog for more walks and at a snappier speed too, something your dog would definitely be grateful for.

The Razor A series or its bigger siblings, the Razor Pro or Razor Cruiser, are not costly costing between $40 and $60, cheaper at Amazon or eBay, yet they will quickly save you hundreds of dollars on fuel. After all, starting a car is often the most expensive part of a short journey.

The Razor A scooter is also very versatile. Weighing in at approximately six pounds, anybody could carry it without difficulty up or down a couple of stairs or lift it in or out of the trunk of a car. But not only that, it folds up too, so that the whole scooter is only a couple of feet long by six inches high by six inches wide. It will without difficulty fit in a passage sideboard or the boot of a car.

Your Razor A scooter could be used in loads of ways to save you money and keep you trimmer. For example, if you require a loaf of bread, you could hop on your scooter. You could take you dog to the park. You could scooter with your kids ‘in a pack’. You could put a Razor A scooter in the boot of your automobile and scooter the last half a mile into college. And every time you hop on that scooter, you are burning not motor fuel but fat!

Think of it that way. You are saving fuel and money and burning your excess calories at the same time. You are also exercising your legs and increasing your metabolism and heart rate too. That is everything the bank manager and the doctor advised all rolled into one activity. And you will be in first-rate company too.

Do you know who else’s children ride Razor A scooters? Well, there’s Al Pacino’s twins for a start. Now, Al Pacino is not short of a few dollars, I’m certain, so you can be assured that he’s going to want the best for his offspring, isn’t he? And Lisa Kudrow and her son. And Liv and Cal, offspring of Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich. You would be forgiven for thinking, ‘Aw well, they got theirs for nothing!’ and that may be right, but at around $40 who cares?

The advantages in saved motor fuel and increased exercise make the Razor A scooter a must-have essential in my book. So, take another look at the Razor A scooter and keep in mind, someone’s birthday’s coming up before long.

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