Testifying To The Truth

Jesus said to his disciples, imminently prior to he was betrayed, scorned, and ultimately crucified:

When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who comes from the Father, he will testify on my behalf. You also are to testify simply because you might have been with me from the beginning.
~John 15:26-27 (NRSV)

The Advocate, otherwise generally known as the Holy Spirit – and variously also, the Counsellor – informs us of truth as if Jesus, himself, along with the Father were speaking directly to us – because they are. So may be the will of God.


The truth is crucial in a vociferously fallen globe.

And the world will hate us for it, specifically when the Advocate compels us most undoubtedly in truth; by matters, approaches, and tips of the world’s derision – and a lot of are those.

That’s Jesus’ warning in this portion of John’s gospel. The truth could set us free, however it will bond us to God against the world – that’s the unfortunate, although critical, destiny with the Christian being.

These are most important words that Jesus is sharing; we might share the most essential of messages from our deathbed. Jesus knew exactly where he was going, and exactly where he was going the disciples could not come.

Truth matters so a lot in life; it truly is the thread carrying us from the cradle for the grave; our legacy – a resounding echo – into eternity.


Although the truth is usually to bond to us, by the presence in the Advocate, we necessarily remember that, due Jesus’ words, life is actually a job of remembrance – for we too frequently forget. Fortunately, grace remembers our frailties.

Though we had been not present at beginning of this message, as the disciples had been, we’re present as we read our Bibles – Jesus alive and breathing life into us through the inspired Word, and the Presence with the Advocate. Reading and rereading the gospels we obtain new and recurrent glimpses of Jesus’ life and legacy.

And we bear in mind. We get pleasure from the Lord’s Supper for this cause: to remember and by no means forget.

Remembering Jesus’ blood-spilt and body-broken sacrifice we bear in mind the price of truth; the truth may set us free of charge, but it will also, at occasions, break us. This can be a sobering reality; 1 that all Christians want cognisance of in advance.

The Advocate conveys the Spirit of truth; the Father’s will.

Ours is to bear in mind the nature of faith, in accord with that truth. It takes courage to obey the truth in a globe that loathes it. Ours is always to carry forth, in wisdom, the truth the Advocate wishes us to convey. uggs outlet and ugg outlet

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