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Three Actions To Know An Elcometer

The elcometer is designed on the principle of ultrasonic sound waves reflection to measure the thickness of material. In this write-up, I will introduce it step by step.

1. Have a common understanding of an elcometer

Commonly, the elcometer is made up of two main parts, the host as well as the probe. The host is like the brain in the elcometer, which is made by SCM. In measurement, it controls transmitter circuit, receiver circuit and display circuit. The probe could be noticed as a hand of elcometer. It can transmit and receive ultrasonic sound waves that are made use of by elcometer to check the thickness of coating. In calculating of thickness, the delay between echoes of ultrasonic waves at the probe-face is equal for the time necessary to pass via the material twice, so the genuine thickness is the distance which is equal to the ultrasonic wave velocity within the material multiplied by half the time.

two. Read the directions appropriately

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