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Blue Sky Resumes Review – How You Can Quickly Construct Your Online Presence

A recent poll found that 30% of individuals have surfed the web to analyze people at the office or potential business contacts. The reason why varied from simply searching for an address to researching a possible boss or get yourself ready for a business negotiation.

The implications of the statistic are huge for anyone looking to advance their career. If you’re buying new job, it’s safe to assume that at least some employers are running an online search before they phone you. If you’re currently employed, you can bet that some of your employees, peers, and work associates are looking you up online. Are you aware what they’re finding? (Otherwise, go perform a Google search right now!)

Now, you may think online search results are pretty arbitrary but that’s just not the case. Savvy businesses don’t leave their web presence to chance… so why should you?

Take a look at several explanations why managing your online presence is crucial for career advancement:
* Your employees, peers and superiors will research you online
* Recruiters and HR executives may look you up before choosing to interview you
* Former colleagues may try to find you in order to offer you a great opportunity
* Headhunters may use the Web to locate potential candidates for a new vacancy
* Journalists may be looking to interview someone with your expertise

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