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Your Questions About Custom Made Jordans

Thomas asks…

i need websites for custom made air force one’s and jordans for my 2 year old son?

custom air force one’s and jordans

Robin West answers:

Go to http://www.DressNstyle.com for custom air force ones

Michael asks…

What Jordan shoes run can I get in wide without having them custom made?

I have a wide foot and I want to get a pair, please leave a link to the pair.

Robin West answers:

None they are notoriously small sneakers

im a size 12.5 and my foot would tear apart a size 12

Charles asks…

How Air Jordan Made Nike The Most Popular Athletic Shoe Company?

because Jordan Nike becomes popular though now there are many custom Air Jordan Shoes – such KicksExpress Online Shop
Does it become famous and have itself brand?How to?

Robin West answers:

Hey, guy,http://www.kicksexpress.com/ is a shop selling clone Nike, just because of its brand effect, so many replica shoes.

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Your Questions About Job Hunting Expenses

Ruth asks…

Can I claim certification classes I took in fields unrelated to my profession?

1- Being unemployed I have taken certification classes in unrelated fields , can I deduct
the tuition and related transportation expenses ?
2- I have earned some minor income from those unrelated fields ( under $200)
Do I report it , if so where?
3- Travel expenses looking for work in my field ?
4- Can I deduct web site advertisement for services in my field of business ?
5- Can I deduct computer and printer as job hunting expenses ?

Robin West answers:

The self employed income will be reported on Sch C and since your ‘net’ will definitely fall below the $400 limit there will be no se tax
expenses of job searching include travel, advertising etc but the purchase of computer and printer would not be included
and ordinarily expenses of education are accepted for improving your current skills in a current job, training for another job certification would not

Nancy asks…

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Your Questions About Local Job Listings

George asks…

How do you find work in another country?

I am from the US and want to relocate to the UK. I have a degree in Family and Human Development with a gerontology certificate. I have applied to listings through Monster and Careerbuilders, but the only reply I get is they are looking for local people and to contact them when I get over there, but I can’t get a permit to work without a job. How can I do it?

Robin West answers:

Why don’t you apply for a tourist visa and go over there and see if you like it.A lot of times degrees from different countries are not always reorganized and that is why they will steer clear of you. You should also find out if your degree is 100% accepted there or not

Mary asks…

Popular sites in Arabic and/or English?

What sites do you visit often? And why do you go to them? Facebook for social networking. eWaseet maybe for job listings or to see what’s for sale, What about music? Egyptian news? Arab World news? How about sites that give you local information like restaurants and which movies are playing where?
Is Google your primary search engine?

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Your Questions About Looking For Jobs In Los Angeles

Betty asks…

jobs for convicted felons in los angeles?

I am looking for jobs that are open to felons in Los Angeles so that I can finish my paper for college..please help!

Robin West answers:

I’d start with the PAROLE Department, ‘cuz that is who is in charge of getting them their jobs. I know a lot of them end up on skid row in downtown L.A. At the shelters in Management positions! I am not joking. A really good organization that I would not be hesitant to send you to is in East L.A. In Boyle Heights by the name of HOMEGIRLS CAFE. There is also a HOMEBOYS, but I don’t know what they specialize in. This organization really has it together & all the staff has a background that could help you finish your paper, and you could show your support by buying their food. I think they would help you even if you didn’t buy food!

James asks…

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Your Questions About Job Find

Susan asks…

Where do I find job listings for hockey color analyst positions online?

I have done work the last 2 years for a minor pro hockey team in the U.S as a radio and television color analyst and am looking to further my career any suggestions on where to find job postings for such a position or whom to contact?

Robin West answers:

Click on the following.


Mark asks…

How do you find job openings for the great atlantic company?

My dad is trying to find a job opening for great atlantic company in hampton,va or newportnews,va

Robin West answers:

Try searching via Siftin.com jobs vertical/aggregator. They look at all the top job sites/aggregators, providing access to both big and small employers. Some of the sites searched are: craigslist, dice.com, backpage.com, olx.com, monster.com, careerbuilder.com, jobster, simplyhired, indeed.com, yahoo hotjobs, …
Try their preview feature.

Good luck!

Paul asks…

How can I find sewing job in Dallas county?

I am seamster, tilor and designer and I moved to Dallas couple month ago. I can not find job in this position.

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Your Questions About Jobs In Orange County Ca

Linda asks…

How hard is it to find a CNA hospital job in Orange County, CA as a new grad?

I recently received my certification as a nurse assistant and have been trying to find a job as a CNA in a hospital. The class I took did not have acute care training, only long-term, but I will be entering an accredited Registered Nursing Program either this coming Fall or next Spring. I became a CNA in order to experience the Nursing environment. I have let the employers know about this situation, hoping it would give me a little leverage because if I am satisfied with employment, I would most likely stay after graduating, and work as a RN for them. I also have experience in direct care so I am not totally green. I have been applying to several hospitals and have not heard from anyone yet (it’s been about 2 weeks since I started applying). Is it hard to find a CNA job in a hospital as a new grad? I know in Central California, they hire new grad CNAs in acute care, my best friend being one of them. I would love advice from anyone who knows. Thanks!

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Your Questions About Job Hunting Sites

Maria asks…

What are some good job hunting sites…?

I’ve done yahoo and monster before which didn’t help me that much. Neither did job.com for that matter. What other websites are good for job hunting besides the ones I just mentioned? I’m looking for job positions like sales associate or cashier in Spartanburg, SC only. NO MANGER TYPE OF POSITIONS.

Robin West answers:

How about careerbuilder.com; jobbing.com. I would check your local newspaper classified ads daily as well.

John asks…

What are the best job hunting sites?

Robin West answers:

Http://www.monster.com http://www.careerbuilder.com http://www.hotjobs.com http://www.craigslist.com

Chris asks…

How can I recruit licensed insurance agents ? I have had no luck on all those free job posting sites.?

I am just starting my agency and I am on a tight budget. I need employees but I have had no luck recruiting anyone. Can anyone suggest a job hunting site where I can post job offers, that is effective and is free or low cost?

Robin West answers:

1. Who are you trying to recruit for? Are you an exclusive agent? I ask this because most companies do your screening for you and send you people to interview (e.g. Allstate, State Farm, Farmers … You get the point).

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Your Questions About Local Job Listings

Jenny asks…

What are the best ways to search for a seasonal or year-round job in the Taos, NM area?

I’m planning to travel to New Mexico to look for a seasonal / temporary job prior to deciding whether to move there long-term. I’ve never been to Taos, but I was thinking that the ski resort and other local businesses in the area must hire extra people for the ski season. I found several websites that provide listings for seasonal & permanent jobs, but I was wondering whether anybody has any suggestions before I begin the time consuming task of applying for numerous jobs through multiple sites. As a little background info, I have 20+ years of experience primarily in human resources management and employee relations for large, internationally known hotel and cruise line companies, as well as sales & customer service experience. BA degree. I welcome all suggestions, especially from anyone who currently lives in the Taos area, or has lived there previously.

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Your Questions About Looking For Jobs That Are Hiring

Charles asks…

What are some good hiring jobs in San Antonio?

Hey I’m looking for jobs to apply to in San Antonio Texas that is currently hiring if you know of any please post a link so I can apply online and thanks.

Robin West answers:

I forget the business journal that this article was on, but if you search “best companies to work for in san antonio” you get a decent size list. But it depends on your skills. Plus there are some good temp agencies that can get you into some good sized companies. Well your more than welcome to contact me. I can get you some leads. I just found a job myself through a temp agency. Take care for now. :)

Sandy asks…

How can I find Scaffold Building jobs that are hiring for overseas jobs?

I’m a scaffold builder and have been doing it since 2004. I have been looking for jobs overseas and just have no luck. Can anyone help me please??

Robin West answers:

Your question is not clear. Can you provide more details?

Betty asks…

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Your Questions About Job Find

Thomas asks…

When you first graduate from flight school, is it hard to find a job as a pilot?

Is it hard to find jobs for pilots?
how much do you get paid when you first start?
Are the jobs good or are they bad?
How long does it take before one is considered for a job as an airline pilot?

Robin West answers:

Because you need experience. Don’t give up. Fly as much as you can and get as many hours as you can. Think long term. Also – commercial and instrument ratings are a plus. Being a good commercial pilot takes time and patience.

Steven asks…

How do I find a job when I’m changing industries? I was in sales, but want to do market analysis. Help!?

I recently resigned from the pharmaceutical sales job I had to persue another career path. I am having a hard time switching industries. I am interested in Marketing Analysis jobs, but am open to other ideas as well; as long as they are outside of sales. Any ideas on how to find jobs when switching industries?

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