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Revo Scooter

The Revo scooter is 36-volt monster scooter propelled by an 800 watt high output brushless DC motor. This scooter has the energy to achieve speeds as much as 34 kilometers per hour over a 14-kilometer range.

The Revo scooter is developed as being a heavy-duty scooter and it is best for uneven and inclined terrain rides. Its sturdy body features a weight capacity of around hundred and twenty-five kilograms. The wave style rotor disc brakes in the entrance and rear aids in comfortable braking at any stage.

There is also a spring suspension in the entrance and rear that gives the user a comfy ride on any highway. The Revo scooter can handle tough roads really easily. There is certainly a quick-change battery technique, that is utilized by those that are consistently touring. The other outstanding features with the Revo scooter include things like the foldable and detachable seats and MX handlebars. The scooter has a one-step fold system.

Beneath you could get a fast look at the main specialised features from the Revo scooter:

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