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Your Questions About Job Finder

Susan asks…

i am british and want to work in las vegas. do you know some good job finder sites for chefs?

Also i need to get info on how to get a visa and requirements etc. also info for accomodation and costs.

Robin West answers:

You may have a hard time getting a good job here without a local address. I would highly advise you to get any old job just to pay the bills, even if its a lousy one, so you will have the ability to take some time and make sure you get a job that works well for you. No sense settling for less in the land of opportunity. = )

James asks…

What is a good job finder site for 16 year olds or in other words, teens?

Robin West answers:

I like wikianswer it helped me find what i was looking for but also yahoo question is also helping me.

Steven asks…

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Your Questions About Job Finder

Maria asks…

job finder?

does anyone know where is a good place to work?

Robin West answers:

Check your local classifies in the paper. That’s the best way to find a job. Or just go around to local businesses and ask for applications or if they have a help wanted sign up.

Steven asks…

Is there a job finder site for minimum wage pay?

I’m 17 years old, going to collage, need a job.
If there is no site, do I just go store to store asking for openings? Which ones should I try?

Robin West answers:

Sometimes the local newspapers (weeklies) have sections on lower paying jobs. Also, try Craig’s List for the city where you are living.

Robert asks…

What are the top 3 best and reliable job finder in the Internet?

I want to find an entry level job in the U.S.

Robin West answers:


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