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Your Questions About Job Finding Agency

Thomas asks…

Which serious crew finding agency can help me board a job on a yacht?

Many thanks for your help and links!

Robin West answers:

With all due respect to the previous poster; writing to a captain of a boat? Where do you send the letter? Just kidding, but not really…

In reality almost all crew positions on larger yachts are filled by agencies specializing in training and placement of crews. Moran Yacht and Ship, Crewfinders, and Yacht Crew Register are three respectable names in the industry. Having an “in” doesn’t hurt….
Be aware that working one of these boats is usually fairly lucrative financially, considering you often times are traveling around the world, BUT starting positions such as stewards usually are found on smaller, older boats in less desireable locales. (You may find yourself working a 90′ Burger on the Chesapeake for a few seasons before you land that sweet job aboard “Limitless” in St. Maarten or St. Barths.)

Joseph asks…

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Your Questions About Job Finding Agency

Mandy asks…

I want to get out of the Philippines and work in Canada. Where can I find an job agency for Canada?

I need sponsorship. What is the first thing for me to do?

Robin West answers:

Contact www.caregivers.ca
they have tons of experience immigration from Philippines to Canada. They have a department focusing on caregivers, but the whole company is involved with other careers, other types of immigration too.

You can get official immigration information from Canada’s govt. Website www.gc.ca

Robert asks…

A temp agency job where I type letters all day?

A friend of mine mentioned I should work for a “temp agency and find a job where I type letters all day?”

Is this a real job a college student could do part time? How does it work? Are you paid hourly? For how many letters you type? And also, how would I go about getting one of these?

Robin West answers:

I don’t think there is a job where you strictly type letters all day. But you can get a job as an office clerk filing, answering phones, typing, etc…You would be paid hourly. Contact your local temp agency for more details and to find out what is in the area. You could also look in your local paper and on monster.com

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