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Your Questions About Fish For Jobs Hull

Linda asks…

weired boat dream?

here it is as best as i can remember it;

a friend and me signed up for a fishing trip and departed down a wide and deep river, it was a cold overcast day and the waters wernt rough but they wernt smooth either, the water was also clear and blue and i saw schools of small to medium fish swimming beside the boat, but here is the weird part about it – the boat was made of wicker, it was a weaved wicker boat! it had no deck it was just a hull with a bridge, and the only thing keeping it afloat was the buoyancy of the wicker, we spent the trip treding water and hauling in loads of yabbies (crawdads – cray fish) then the captian decided to head out to sea to do some fishing out there, i remember thinking somthing like “this boat is not going to survive out there” and sure enough it sank in the harbour, it ended up getting towed and refloated (i think) but my friend and me ended up getting jobs with a very professinal fishing crew and ship.


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