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Your Questions About Job Finder

Donald asks…

What is some good job finder websites?

I need a job ASAP… LOL

Robin West answers:

If you are looking for a job in healthcare… Try www.healthcarejobstore.com. It breaks it down by profession (nurse, social work, secretary, hospice, you name it…) and then you type in your location. It pulls from all the major spots and pools them into one place. That way you do not have to go through all the hassle of checking 28928 different sites. Good luck!

Mary asks…

IN bridgend brackla town i see al these job solutions and job finder shops im 17 and

am wondering if i can g in there or do u have to be 18 if i can go in there o i ask the people who work there ‘can u help me find a job
tell me what i am to do and what am i sapposed to say

Robin West answers:

Try walking in and asking them….just don’t ask them in text form because you can’t write. >_<

Linda asks…

Has anyone found a job using a online job finder?

Robin West answers:

Yes, Craigslist is the place to go.

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Your Questions About Job Hunting Tips

Laura asks…

Anyone got any good job hunting tips for a 17 yr old teen in Louisville, Ky?

I turn 18 in about 3 months, and I’ve actually spent my whole 17 year old life trying to get a job so I can be ready to get out on my own. I’ve been doing the same routine everyone tells me to do, apply somewhere, call constantly, etc. I’ve been at this for awhile now and it just doesn’t seem to work. I can’t even get an interview. Anybody got any good tips for this?

Robin West answers:

You need to apply, you need to make certain when you apply you answer things fully and do not skip questions, when you ask if folks are hiring or turn in your application, make certain you are dressing to be interviewed bcz every opportunity is an opportunity to make an impression…

Donna asks…

Any one got any Job hunting tips?

Hi, I recently applied online to best buy for a cashier job there. But, What do I do now? Do I call? How long should I wait to call? Do I go in person?
Can anyone give me any Job hunting tips? specially for a person who is applying online?

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Your Questions About Job Finder

Susan asks…

i am british and want to work in las vegas. do you know some good job finder sites for chefs?

Also i need to get info on how to get a visa and requirements etc. also info for accomodation and costs.

Robin West answers:

You may have a hard time getting a good job here without a local address. I would highly advise you to get any old job just to pay the bills, even if its a lousy one, so you will have the ability to take some time and make sure you get a job that works well for you. No sense settling for less in the land of opportunity. = )

James asks…

What is a good job finder site for 16 year olds or in other words, teens?

Robin West answers:

I like wikianswer it helped me find what i was looking for but also yahoo question is also helping me.

Steven asks…

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Your Questions About Job Seeker Websites

Jenny asks…

Does anyone know of any good job seeker websites?

Robin West answers:

Check out this site…. Sign up to their newsletter and they will direct you to great resources for your job search…


Good luck with your job search.

Joseph asks…

does anyone know of any good job seeker websites for phoenix, arizona??

i dont have a resume, well nothing to put on it anyway. and almost every single employment website i go to requires you to have one. and i cant find any websites that you do the looking. not them come find you type of thing. if yall know what i mean?

Robin West answers:

Try http://www.ajb.org/az/ and Arizona.jobs.com.

Some sites help you put together a resume even if you have never worked. You can list your experience, or goals. Also try craigslist under Arizona, then Phoenix, then jobs. Careerbuilders.com may be able to help also. Good luck and God Bless!

Sandy asks…

Any good employment websites for job seekers in South Africa?

Do you know of any good ones that actually do something with your resume / CV?

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Your Questions About Job Finder

Lisa asks…

Does anybody know of a job finder website that actually provides good jobs.?

I cant seem to find one and my fience just lost his job he works in warehouses.i tryed a couple different sites they want me to sign up and then they just send crap mail to me all day

Robin West answers:

I once got an excellent job at www.monster.com. They still send me at least 10 openings available every week. But only because I asked them to.

William asks…

Can someone give me some good job finder sites?

I already have 3;


Does anyone know any more?

Robin West answers:

You can easily discover the biggies, like Monster and Career Builder, so let me share three other ideas:

1. Check out SimplyHired.com and Indeed.com and look for their UK sites. These are two job boards that work very differently than the big commercial sites, so you may discover jobs you wouldn’t otherwise find.

2. Depending on your field, there may be what’s called “vertical” or “niche” boards that specialize in your profession. Talk to other people in your field.

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Your Questions About Job Search For Teens

Helen asks…

What are some good job search sites for teens?

i need a job for one i want some money and two i want to get out of the house anyone know any job hunting sites?

Robin West answers:


Mary asks…

What is a good job search tool for teens?

I am a recent high school graduate who is looking for a part time job in the metropolitan Washington D.C. Area. I am looking for an Internet tool that can help me find part time job opportunities.
Thank You

Robin West answers:

Unless you have a particular skill, Internet-based searches are pretty useless for a young person looking for a first job.

What you have to sell right now is just yourself. You don’t have experience or training, but you have enthusiasm and a willingness to work, right? You have to show those things to an employer. And that means there is no real alternative to knocking on doors, asking to see the manager or whatever, and asking for a job. That is doubly true in this economy,

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Your Questions About Job Monster Boston

Donna asks…

What are some good job sites for the Boston area other than Monster/Craigslist?

Or………… what kind of jobs would you recommend from outside the box?

Robin West answers:


But, if you have experience in an area, ususally you can find a website dedicated to those kind of jobs by searching google.

Joseph asks…

what is a good website to find a good job? Ma near boston?

I live in quincy ma and looking for a new job. I cant find anything on monster is there anything better?

Robin West answers:

Yahoohot jobs

Helen asks…

I need help finding a job/apartment/roommate in Boston, MA.?

Can anybody give me any good advice on relocation to Boston. I have been there a couple times, and would really like to relocate. I cant seem to find any good job sites (besides Monster, which isn’t really good). I also would like to find an apartment but don’t know much about the city and and surrounding area.

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Your Questions About Job Seeking Websites

William asks…

What are good job seeking websites can you go to?

No scams please!

Robin West answers:

Well the first 3 answers look like scams lol

I go to


Lisa asks…

Can someone suggest good job seeking websites in the UK?

Robin West answers:

Decide on the type of job (catering, Advertising, Banking) google that or Location, if you are looking in London there are sites just for the Smoke.

Gumtree is a good Local one, but it is sometimes as well to get registered with a local Agency.

Then there is also the Government ‘Jobcentre’ site which is very good.



Nancy asks…

what are the job seeking websites for computer engineers?

Robin West answers:

Www.thinkenergy.com, www.rigzone.com I’d also suggest to make a goggle search for computer engineers. There are contract employment Eflex , Silicon Concentra, AKA Staffing,
Instatech, just to name a few off my memory…….use your machine to it fullest extent…..that what’s the Internet is all about …..” The World Is Yours”.

Powered by Yahoo! Answers

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Your Questions About Job Hunting Tips

Helen asks…

Anyone have any good job hunting tips?

was diagnosed with a learning disability when I was a young kid and now that i’m an adult it seems to be hindering me in alot of areas. I can’t seem to get the job which leads to feeling good about yourself which leads to the girlfriend which leads to the sex which leads to not being so depressed anymore. I’ve been going to career assessment places, job boards, job counselors, unemployment offices, finding any part time thing I can. Yet I still live at home and i’m 27. If I keep going like this, my head will explode. Anyone have any job hunting tips?

Robin West answers:

Hey, your doing all the right things and you seem to be on
track. All you need is patience and persaverance. Don’t
worry your day will come you can’t give up! :)
Keep on trying, keep on being determined!
It’s tough for everyone to find work. Alot of people
have the same problem, but the key is not to
give up. The part of feeling good about yourself
you should not need employment for that.
I know it does help to feel independant
and stuff but don’t let it define you as your person.
You seem to have a pretty good plan in action
I think it’ just requires a little time.
Have faith and DON’T GIVE UP!

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Seeking Jobs

Finding the Right Online Job Resource Company: the Final Touch to your Esl Jobs Search

Applying for ESL jobs abroad is made easier by technology. The internet has become a “one-stop shop” for both employers and those seeking jobs. The competition is stiff; the one who impresses the employer, naturally, fetches not just a good job and a good salary package, but also all the perks and benefits that go with it. You have a good fighting chance if you start right the first time.

o Avoid making mistakes when writing your resume.

If errors have been made, it would be best to re-type the whole document than smudging correction fluid across the face of your resume. This is where “walking the extra mile” makes sense as first impression is always lasting. You can’t take chances on sending a resume that does not look neat. It is better to ensure that when your resume leaves your table, it is done perfectly. Most employers do not grant second chances at submission of resumes. A poorly-written resume lands on the table of the employer very rarely, but in the garbage bin more frequently.

o Contact a reliable ESL jobs placement company.

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