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Your Questions About Job Finder

Susan asks…

i am british and want to work in las vegas. do you know some good job finder sites for chefs?

Also i need to get info on how to get a visa and requirements etc. also info for accomodation and costs.

Robin West answers:

You may have a hard time getting a good job here without a local address. I would highly advise you to get any old job just to pay the bills, even if its a lousy one, so you will have the ability to take some time and make sure you get a job that works well for you. No sense settling for less in the land of opportunity. = )

James asks…

What is a good job finder site for 16 year olds or in other words, teens?

Robin West answers:

I like wikianswer it helped me find what i was looking for but also yahoo question is also helping me.

Steven asks…

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Your Questions About Job Finder

Lisa asks…

Does anybody know of a job finder website that actually provides good jobs.?

I cant seem to find one and my fience just lost his job he works in warehouses.i tryed a couple different sites they want me to sign up and then they just send crap mail to me all day

Robin West answers:

I once got an excellent job at www.monster.com. They still send me at least 10 openings available every week. But only because I asked them to.

William asks…

Can someone give me some good job finder sites?

I already have 3;


Does anyone know any more?

Robin West answers:

You can easily discover the biggies, like Monster and Career Builder, so let me share three other ideas:

1. Check out SimplyHired.com and Indeed.com and look for their UK sites. These are two job boards that work very differently than the big commercial sites, so you may discover jobs you wouldn’t otherwise find.

2. Depending on your field, there may be what’s called “vertical” or “niche” boards that specialize in your profession. Talk to other people in your field.

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