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Your Questions About Job Finder

Susan asks…

i am british and want to work in las vegas. do you know some good job finder sites for chefs?

Also i need to get info on how to get a visa and requirements etc. also info for accomodation and costs.

Robin West answers:

You may have a hard time getting a good job here without a local address. I would highly advise you to get any old job just to pay the bills, even if its a lousy one, so you will have the ability to take some time and make sure you get a job that works well for you. No sense settling for less in the land of opportunity. = )

James asks…

What is a good job finder site for 16 year olds or in other words, teens?

Robin West answers:

I like wikianswer it helped me find what i was looking for but also yahoo question is also helping me.

Steven asks…

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Some Ideas For Work At Home Opportunities

By Alan Lim-Key Wealth Systems REVIEW

Work at home professionals and job seekers could choose from various earning opportunities that are currently available. You could now use your idle time at home making money.

You could have already tried various home-based jobs like telephone answering services, envelope stuffing, and online affiliate marketing. If you have spent about £10 to £50 just for membership in self-employment sites, you should consider other work at home ideas without the need for initial investment costs.

Why would you work full time in traditional offices and businesses? For sure, you are already sick and tired of reporting to and pleasing bosses. The income you could earn from such formal employments may also be inferior. Here are some ideas for work at home opportunities

Owning Your Own Website Or An Online Business

Contrary to common beliefs, you do not need expertise in web-related activities or services. Know what you are truly good at by assessing your skills, education, and background. You could startup a blog or a simple online site. There are many user-friendly services available online that offer easy procedures for putting up websites. You could also opt to buy an already existing site. It is more important to be skilled enough in writing good content.

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