Fundamental Golf Tips For Beginners: 3

The term ‘the long game’ refers to your drives (shots off the tee) and fairway shots; that is every shot except the shots you make to actually get onto the green.

For the reason that each hole has a different difficulty level, a different par and different obstructions, saying that you should use your driver on every tee every time would be totally wrong.

This is something that you will learn over time as you learn the various shots you need to make according to the club, the placement of the ball and your personal swing.

Without putting too fine a point on it, the lower the number of the club, the longer and lower your ball will travel through the air. So, for example, a 4-iron will make the ball travel on a long and low trajectory and that will most make it roll when it hits the ground, whereas a 9-iron will impart much more loft to the ball and ensuring that it will go less distance both in the air and over the ground.

Don’t the professionals on the television make it look easy? They whack the ball long and straight time after time after time and never slice the ball sending it a sickly eight or nine feet or miss the ball altogether.

A very important part of the game is driving and if you spend many hours at the driving range you will see a big improvement in your distance shots. You should keep using the same club in the experiment to see what works for you if you move the ball forward or backward in your stance. And take a lesson or two from a pro, if possible to learn the proper swing from the beginning.

You must master the long game as it will help you get to the green in much fewer strokes, which will keep your score and frustration levels down. Don’t forget that it takes a long time to be consistently consistent and always remember: you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself! So go and enjoy yourself.

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