Car Accident Injury Claims – 2 Most Frequent Car Wreck Injuries

Are you in need of further information on car accident injury claims? We are going to speak about the 2 most common car wreck injuries that get an vehicle accident settlement in this article.

After watching any amount of tv I am sure that you see ads about getting into auto accidents. It seems that car crashes are becoming a developing problem. Cars are made to go faster. Cars are getting smaller. Some vehicles are getting bigger. Since all these vehicles are made to drive on the same road, no wonder there are many accidents! If you are researching car accident injury claims I am going to guess that you have been involved in one of these many accidents. We are now going to converse about the 2 most common car wreck injuries that get an vehicle accident settlement.


It wouldn’t be rare if you have met someone that has experienced whiplash before. Since it is so easy to get whiplash this injury is quite common. What happens is that your body ( mainly your neck ) is swiftly jerked forward and backward. When someone is hit from behind it can easily cause the whiplash injury.

Whiplash is the condition of the neck bones being out of line. This may not sound that scary but it can really cause a lot of problems throughout the entire body.

Head Injury

Head injuries are one complaint that is frequent if you look over car accident injury claims. These too are quite easy to get. You may get a gash if there is anything sticking out on the car. Even if you are not cut you may experience bruising on the outside of your head. Also classified as a head injury is bruising of the brain.

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